Finding a reputable solar panel installer in Barbados

  You’ve informed yourself about solar power and are ready to purchase a system but then you ask, “How do I find a reputable solar panel installer in Barbados?” Don’t just go for lowest price. You wouldn’t buy a cheap parachute, why buy cheap solar? Solar is becoming easier to install but it is still … Continue reading

Solar panel installer


Cost of electricity in Barbados

One of the traditional challenges of living on an island has been finding a suitable energy source to support the growth of society. Currently, Barbados and many islands rely almost entirely on imported fossil fuels for power generation. The combination of the ever escalating and volatile price of oil; and the cost of importation, place … Continue reading

Barbados Light and Power’s Renewable Energy Rider (RER)

  Barbados Light and Power has introduced a Renewable Energy Rider program, following a successful pilot program, whereby electricity generated from renewable energy sources result in credit being accumulated on the customer’s account. Renewable energy generation can be from wind turbines or solar photovoltaic systems. The maximum size allowed for residential electricity users is 5kW … Continue reading


Energy vs Power

Energy vs Power (kWh vs kW)

  Energy Power Definition Energy is the amount of power consumed (or generated) over a period of time. Power is the rate at which energy is consumed (or generated) at a particular point in time. Common unit(s) kWh (kilowatt-hours), MWh (megawatt-hours) W (watts), kW (kilowatts), MW (megawatts) and GW (gigawatts) Example An electricity bill for … Continue reading

Solar scores big at World Cup 2014

  It’s that time again – a sudden uptick in “sick days”, longer lunch breaks and people leaving work early can mean only one thing – World Cup action is back! This particular World Cup is special due to the role solar power is playing. You may have noticed during the matches an advertisement on … Continue reading


Reduce cost

Reducing upfront cost of solar

The upfront capital cost for a residential solar PV system in Barbados is currently in the $16,000-$40,000 price range which is reasonable now and will continue to become more affordable in the future. Until then, reducing the current upfront cost can be achieved by: Purchasing a smaller system If a system to offset all of … Continue reading

Bell 1954

60th anniversary of modern solar cell

  In April 1954, the modern solar cell was born. We’ve come a long way in 60 years and we’re only just at the beginning. Take a trip back in time and watch some archived footage of solar power history. [Note: phosphorus is now used instead of arsenic; and the production of solar panels is … Continue reading

Why isn’t there more solar PV in Barbados?

  With the drivers of high electricity costs and abundant sunshine, one might expect that Barbados would be generating more electricity from the sun, so why isn’t there more solar PV in Barbados? There are some known barriers to the uptake of solar by consumers and businesses which are common worldwide. These include: Upfront Capital … Continue reading