Solar mindset

Why isn’t there more solar PV in Barbados?

  With the drivers of high electricity costs and abundant sunshine, one might expect that Barbados would be generating more electricity from the sun, so why isn’t there more solar PV in Barbados? There are some known barriers to the uptake of solar by consumers and businesses which are common worldwide. These include: Upfront Capital … Continue reading


The Sun is an ideal power plant

  Global energy distribution – sunlight reaches everyone on the planet at roughly 1000W/m2 Easily available to anyone – sunlight is available to everyone regardless of social or economic status Maintenance free – unlike conventional power plants, the Sun requires no maintenance Inaccessible to attack – at a safe 150 million kilometres away, this space … Continue reading

The Sun

Edison electric light sign

Understanding new technology

  This sign from the 19th century might make you chuckle, particularly the last section in smaller font. When electricity was first introduced, it was revolutionary and it changed people’s lives and the entire world. With any new technology however, people need to learn about it, become familiar with it and understand it. Along with … Continue reading

Sunshine and the Barbadian economy

In the now distant past, 18th century, the largest contributor to the Barbadian economy was sugar cane production. This important industry helped lay the foundation of the country as we know it today. By the 20th century the largest contributor to the economy became tourism, with over one million tourists visiting the island each year. … Continue reading

Residential solar project in Barbados