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You’ve informed yourself about solar power and are ready to purchase a system but then you ask, “How do I find a reputable solar panel installer in Barbados?” Don’t just go for lowest price. You wouldn’t buy a cheap parachute, why buy cheap solar? Solar is becoming easier to install but it is still better left to professionals with experience who have a company that can uphold workmanship warranties.

To overcome the challenge of determining, who is reputable, experienced and can accomplish the job, as well as getting a competitive price, obtain quotes from three different installation companies. Here is a list of the major solar panel installation companies in Barbados. Compare the quotes from all three and then follow up with these questions:


  • How many kW (kilowatts) have you installed?


  • What is your workmanship warranty for the installation?


  • Can you provide three project references which were completed on my roof type? e.g. corrugated metal roof or tiled roof


The answer to the first question will let you know much work they have actually done. This is a far better metric to be aware of as opposed to years in business. Regardless of how many years a company has been in business or the cumulative years of experience of all the employees, what is most important is whether or not they were actually installing anything during that time. The total installed kW will quickly allow you to determine who has experience.

All the major components for solar PV systems are covered by manufacturers’ warranties, most importantly the solar panels themselves and the inverters. This however, does not cover any issues that may arise as a result of installation. That is where the workmanship warranty comes in. The response to the second question will give you an idea as to whether or not they are responsible for their work and are willing to stand behind it.

Finally, the answers to the previous questions mean nothing unless they can be backed up by actual, real projects. You want to be assured that they are familiar and experienced with working on your specific type of roof. Further to that you can either call and speak with the references or go in person and see what one of the completed systems looks like.

One last point, make a note of how responsive the company is. Do they respond quickly to phone calls or emails? If they are unresponsive before the sale, they are even less likely to respond to future service calls after they have been paid.

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