Barbados Feed-In Tariff in the works

As solar power matures and becomes more of a mainstream source of power generation, the “training wheels” phase of feed-in-tariff programs around the world is coming to an end. The underlying concept was to provide long term contracts with fixed renewable energy pricing which would attract investment. As the sector evolves FIT programs are being … Continue reading

10MW solar farm to be built in Barbados

In May 2014 the Barbados Light and Power Company (BL&P) invited proposals for an 8MW (AC) solar farm in St. Lucy. Approximately 40 companies bid on the project, mostly international ones and a few local companies. The original notice is posted below followed by a photo from an August 2014 site visit.     In … Continue reading



Barbados Electric Light and Power Act 1

  Barbados continues to maintain a leadership position in solar energy within the Caribbean. Building on a successful Renewable Energy Rider program which has seen 9MW of distributed solar PV installed, the electricity market has finally opened up to independent power producers (IPPs) to develop utility scale solar projects. This is the first time in … Continue reading

List of solar installers in Barbados 2

Below is a list of the major solar panel installers in Barbados, providing both residential and commercial solar PV installations. Before you obtain quotes, find out what questions to ask. #1 recommendation for residential solar PV systems – EcoEnergy   #1 recommendation for commercial solar PV systems – Williams Solar   Company Website Email Phone … Continue reading

Solar installation in Barbados

Solar employment and solar training in Barbados 2

Most people know that solar PV as a technology is good for the environment and that it will have a positive impact on future generations but what about the present, the people living today? Besides the environment, are there real tangible benefits for people right now? The answer is a resounding yes. One of the … Continue reading

Does solar PV increase the value of my home?

  All things being equal which house do you think will sell for more, the one on the left or the right? As solar power becomes more commonplace globally, houses with installed solar panels are entering the real estate market. If you have installed a system or are thinking of it, you may ask “Does … Continue reading

Do solar panels add value to a home

Solar PV capacity limit

Capacity limit for solar PV

  “Power cap worry” and “BLPC limit threatening” were two of the headlines a few months ago. They were raising the concern that the amount of solar PV that the Barbados Light and Power was accepting to flow onto the grid was too small. At that time it was capped at 7MW of installations but … Continue reading

Residential solar PV case study in Barbados

As much as solar energy is about saving the planet, helping the environment and creating a more sustainable society for future generations, the increasingly popular driving force is money. A solar PV system has to make economic sense before a homeowner or business owner makes a purchase. What better way to learn about the financial … Continue reading

September 2014 BL&P statement

Introduction to Renewable Energy – Free Online Course

If reading this website has piqued your interest in solar energy, and more broadly renewable energy, you may want to consider learning more by taking an online course. This particular course, RE100, is entitled Introduction to Renewable Energy and is offered by the premier renewable energy educational and training organization, Solar Energy International. With over … Continue reading